Use Safety for UK Night Travel

Nighttime travel takes place for people who love to experience the thrills of a major UK city once the sun goes down. However, travelling at night also leaves you vulnerable to accidents and victimizations. Staying safe is paramount if you want to enjoy your night without fear of being hurt, or worse. For example, you need to make sure that your phone is charged completely before you leave for the night, regardless of your mode of transportation. If you get lost, at least you will be able to call someone or use a directions app. Here are some other helpful travel safety tips to live by in the UK.

If you plan to travel at night, whether walking or biking, you need to wear some sort of reflective gear. Reflective gear comes in many forms, including shirts, shoes, trousers, hats, and socks. If you do not want to be too flamboyant, try a simple wristband or reflective shoe choice. The reason for this is simple; cars that are travelling at night cannot see you. If you wear something with a reflective nature, then their headlights will illuminate you, thus keeping you safe. Never assume that a driver can see you. You must be a defensive road traveller to keep yourself safe.

There are other forms of protection that you must consider when you decide to travel at night in the UK. Whether you walk, bike, run, or use the tube, you need to be able to protect yourself in the case of an emergency. It is recommended that women look for special symbolised personalised car plates when hailing a black cab. This is true for any busy city in the world, and not just UK locations. It is small, and it will stop an assailant in his tracks due to the pain that it causes. Always keep a small book of emergency numbers as well. If you become injured, then emergency personnel will find your numbers and they will know who to call.

It is not a secret that UK cities have some of the best night life attractions around. These bars and clubs are fun to visit as long as you have a good exit strategy once it is time for the fun to end. This is why you need to keep a list of cab numbers when you go out drinking. It is a great idea to store cab numbers in your smart phone for safe keeping. If you are too drunk to dial the number, all you have to do is press the name of the cab company in your saved contacts, and it will dial it for you.

Make sure that you have a great sense of direction before you travel at night. It helps if you download a GPS to use on your smart phone as well. You must be able to give your location to someone if you need them to come pick you up. A great set of directions will ease your mind, and it will allow you to enjoy your evening to the fullest.