Public Transportation

UK vacation plans can be fun, but you must have a plan for how you are going to get from point A to point B. If you are not a resident of the UK, then you will not be familiar with how to drive in a city like London. The UK has different traffic laws than the U.S., and this means that there is a far greater chance that you will run into trouble if you rent a car. An easier option is to use the many local companies offering travel around London meaning you can relax. The traffic within a major UK city can cause nightmares for vacationers as well. Set you and your travel companions up for success by planning ahead. Use pubic transportation when possible, and book your hotel near these areas for convenience.

The tube is the UK’s underground public transportation system. It is a great system for people who love the convenience, without the hassle of dealing with road traffic. It is a great option for people who want to travel in the UK during the winter holiday months. Winter conditions make certain roads nearly impassable, and you might miss out on some key sights if you do not opt for the public transportation option instead. Check online for tube departure and arrival times from town to town. This will help you to plan your itinerary.

Travel by taxi is another key option. Taxis are located in many areas, but it helps if your hotel is already near one. Keep in mind that taxi drivers must contend with the traffic that you are trying to avoid. They must have enough time to reach you. If you are impatient, then it is your responsibility to find a taxi service that is located in your area. Again, online research is the best option here. Check for taxis that are willing to travel longer distances if you cannot book a hotel near a station. Taxis are great choices for going on vacation shopping trips.

If you prefer to get exercise when you go on vacation, then consider renting a bike in the UK. Some bikes come with side passenger seats. This offers a measure of convenience for people who have younger children. Singular bikes are available as well. If you choose to use this mode of transportation, then you need to find areas that have biking lanes. These lanes will offer some measure of protection against heavy traffic. However, it is your responsibility to ask around to find out which roads are the safest ones for you to ride a bike to your destination.

Some people simply prefer to walk to their destinations. This is a great way to interact with the environment provided by your UK city of choice. Sidewalks are present on most streets. Just make sure that you allow enough time to get to where you need to go if you do plan to walk there. Heavy car traffic causes pile-ups, and you might not be able to cross busy roads for quite some time. Use any of these travel options to make your vacation experience an enjoyable one.