Biking Tips In UK

The opinions on UK travel have shifted over the years, and more people are relying on alternatives to car travel. Car travel is hectic in heavily congested areas, and it is also dangerous. This is why people use the tube, but it is also the reason why more people are using a bike. A bicycle is a great choice for people who like to think outside of the box. It can be ridden long distances, and it is more effective when traffic becomes gnarled. However, if you do choose this mode of UK transportation, you need to pay attention to some important tips.

Whether you are new to the UK or a seasoned resident, you need to pay close attention to the biking laws in your area. These laws are put into place to create an atmosphere of safety for bike riders. Safety should be your number one concern if you plan to bike through busy areas. The law requires bicycle riders to use a helmet. Helmets save lives each year. A routine or seemingly minor fall off of your bike might lead to severe and lasting head trauma if you are not careful. Always use reflective gear during day or night so that cars can see you.

Choose a bicycle to gain a greater appreciation for the sights and sounds around you. It is hard to get the same perspective of a city from behind the closed doors of a car. A bike ride allows you to travel with the wind in your face. You can stop and easily hop off the bike to investigate a new area as well. There is no need to look for difficult parking spots. In addition to enjoying the sights, you will also enjoy plenty of exercise from your bike ride. It improves overall cardiovascular health, and it eliminates the need for a gym membership.

Have you ever been late for work because you were stuck in a traffic jam behind an accident? This scene is all-too familiar in the UK. Amazingly, there are some instances in which bicycles actually pass by traffic that has completely stopped due to an accident. Under these circumstances, riding a bike is faster than taking a car or taxi to work! If you choose to bike to work you need to have a good sense of direction. Your attention should be focused on pedestrians and other cars in your vicinity, and not on your GPS.

Perhaps the most important tip of all is to lock your bicycle. Additionally, you need to place an identifying serial number or mark on it. If it gets stolen this will make it much easier for the police to identify if they are able to recover it. Try to lock your bike with a heavy duty lock that cannot be cut with bolt cutters. Bike thieves run rampant in major UK cities, so it pays off to take the necessary precautions. Use your bike to add a little bit of zest to your UK transportation.